Collected War Music: An account of Homer’s Illiad

Due for release on November 19th
Published by Faber and Faber

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One of the strangest and most thrilling English poems of the past century.
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For the second half of his long life, Christopher Logue (1926-2011) – political rebel, inventor of the poster poem, pioneer of poetry and jazz – was at work on a very different project: a rewriting of Homer’s Iliad. The volumes that appeared from War Music (1981) onwards were distinct from translations, in that they set out to be a radical reimagining and reconfiguration of Homer’s tale of warfare, human folly and the power of the gods, in a language and style of verse that were emphatically modern. As each instalment, from Kings to Cold Calls, was published, it became clear that this was to be Logue’s masterpiece.

Sadly, illness prevented him from finishing it. Enough, however, of his projected final volume, Big Men Falling a Long Way, survives in notebook drafts to give a clear sense of its shape, as well as some of its dramatic high points. These have been gathered into an appendix by Logue’s friend and one-time editor, Christopher Reid. The result comes as near as possible to representing the poet’s complete vision, and confirms what his admirers have long known, that Collected War Music is one of the great poems of our time.

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Christopher Logue recorded two CD albums of his poems in 1996 and these were released in 2001 in a limited edition CD box set of 500 copies titled Audiologue, which also included four CD albums containing his reading of his dramatic poem War Music and a single CD of his poems set to music, including the EP Red Bird and the LP Loguerhythms.

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All the poems on these albums were written between 1954 and 1985 and were published in Selected Poems by Faber & Faber in 1996, chosen and arranged by Christopher Reid.